In Memory

Dorothy Levine Research Fund

In 2020, at the age of 76, our fun and kind mum, Grandma Dot, passed away, two years after receiving the devastating news that she had Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Mum, as she said herself in her final days, had a great life – from doting on her Grandchildren, her love of wining and dining with friends, travelling the world, to her strong passion for art, which lead to her spending 15 years of her later life volunteering at Jewish Care; teaching arts and crafts to the elderly.

She was a truly special lady with a huge heart and desire to help others. We are now making sure Grandma Dot's generous and humane attitude lives forever.

Sadly, had mum been diagnosed a little earlier, her outcome may well have been different.  Ovarian Cancer symptoms are often difficult to establish and diagnosis is frequently given at a stage where treatment options are limited. Ultimately, if diagnosed at the earliest stage, 9 in 10 women will survive, but two thirds of women are diagnosed late, when the cancer is harder to treat.

We want this to change. Every penny that you donate will provide research into improving ovarian cancer diagnosis - finding causes and spotting symptoms earlier so that a diagnosis can be made quicker.

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